Which theme i am using for my blog

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I Hope you all are doing well in this post-pandemic.

So friends today’s topic is people keep asking me through comments Which theme i am using for my blog. So, In this blog post I’m going to share you my blog theme /template link which you can download and customize it.

One more thing i just want to clear with my all the viewers that i am using wordpress platform for hosting solutions. Number of my YouTube channel viewers giving me comment that i am using blogger for my blog but in number of video i cleared that i am using WordPress to host my site.

Which theme i am using for my blog
Which theme i am using for my blog

Which theme i am using for my blog?

So guys, I am using “NewsUp” free WordPress template which i have fully customized as per my requirements and also i am adding one more point it is giving responsive view on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Now you can download it from google or get it free on WordPress. You can use it as you want and you can customize as per your requirements.

However, The best theme for Blogger is – “SupperFast

Download SupperFast theme for Blogger

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