Taliban Attack on Afghanistan

Taliban Attack on Afghanistan: The United States burned billions providing the Afghan military with the tools to overcome the Taliban, yet the quick capitulation of the military implies that weaponry is presently fuelling the rebels’ astonishing war zone successes.

US on Taliban Attack on Afghanistan

“We supplied our Afghanistan partners with all the latest tools, let me rephrase: all the tools,” US President Joe Biden said when defending his decision to withdraw American forces and leave the fight to the afghan locals.

Afghan Soldiers Surrendered to Taliban

Taliban Attack on Afghanistan

Afghan Social Media is full of attacks presently. Footage of Afghan soldiers surrendering in the northern city of Kunduz shows army vehicles loaded with heavy weapons and mounted with heavy auto guns safely in the hands of the insurgent rank and file. Afghan soldiers gave up even before fighting with talibanians.

President of afghan took a private plane and flew to the US : Sources

What next for Afghanistan as Taliban rise again?

Afghanistan is on the cliff and the nation’s security forces have all gave up after being thrashed by a Taliban offensive attack, they were unable to halt.

The Taliban have never buzzed away from saying what they want, the complete resurrection of their Islamic emirate that ruled from 1996 – 2001.

Ultimately, their military strategy proved to be enough for the afghan military forces, Taliban captured 100% of Afghanistan

To attack Afghanistan, Taliban first had to get American hands off the ground, which they did by securing a deal with Washington and swore not to hit US targets in exchange for their withdrawal. After that, Taliban finally attacked Afghanistan.

Addition to the deal with Washington, pressuring the Afghan government into releasing thousands of Taliban prisoners, most of them instantly rejoined the Taliban attackers.

The Afghan forces were also completely dependent on US air power, from management to strikes, along with maintenance.

For years, US trained Afghan military for this day, But Unfortunately, Afghan forces showed lack of confidence and will to fight with Taliban

Taliban ultimately captured the whole country..

Taliban forcing women to marry terrorists: Taliban Attack on Afghanistan

Taliban Attack on Afghanistan
Taliban Attack on Afghanistan

Taliban proceeds in Afghanistan and captures city after city, it is now forcing women to get married to its terrorists, a media report said on Thursday.

It also stated that captured soldiers are being harmed. Many unprovoked attacks on civilians were also reported. Sources :Taliban Attack on Afghanistan

The Taliban have demanded community’s unmarried women to become “wives” for their terrorists, its a form of sexual violence, says human rights group.

The terror group is aggressively fighting with the Afghan government forces in an attempt to seize big cities and grab power soon after the US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan under a peace deal signed between the Taliban and Washington as stated above.

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