PUBG Mobile New Season 18

PUBG Mobile New Season 18 : How to get free royal pass in Season 18? : PUBG Mobile has reached almost the end of Season 17, which came just a few days after the Runic Power update (PUBG MOBILE 1.2 Update). Since then, there has been an escalation of excitement about what the “PUBG Mobile New Season 18” could bring with it.

As usual, like most of the time, the next season will also bring forth several in-game cosmetic items like gun skins, outfits, emotes, and more.

Players are already anticipating the next big update after the successful Runic Power update, and this post shares the exact release date and time of PUBG Mobile New Season 18.

What is the release date of PUBG Mobile New Season 18?

Though it is a bit early to declare any release date for the next season, it can be only be presumed from the previous season regular updates that the new season 18 will be released somewhere in mid-March.

The possible release dates are between 19th March – 21st March, around 2 a.m. UTC/7:30 a.m. IST.

After the Season 17 Royale Pass ends, the RP section will be locked for about 24 hours, and players will not be able to acquire access to the rewards of Season 17.

Here is an update on what the Season 18 Royal Pass would look like.

PUBG Mobile New Season 18 : How to get free royal pass in Season 18?

How to buy Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile New Season 18?

Certainly, You can not get a Royal pass for free in PUBG Mobile New Season 18, People may try and scam you by offering you a free Royal pass.

So, there are two kinds of Royal Passes available in PUBG Mobile– Elite Pass and the Elite Pass Plus. Their prices are 600 UC and 1800 UC and its a one time purchase for the whole season, and players can buy the Royal Pass from the in-game store (Note- players from India will not be able to make any in-game purchases since the game is banned in the country). There is also a subscription package available for these passes. Although, You can contact us for Royal pass bookings and for UC addition as well.

Contact us below for Royal Pass bookings and UC-

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