How to Record Google Meet

How to Record Google Meet: Google Meet is a free tool which you can use for online meetings, Online video chat, Online Group meet ups etc. Google Meet is a great tool by Google and you can use it for free.

Previously, You could only add a limited number of people (Say 10- 20) in an online meeting. However, Google has given an update and now you can add up to 100 participants at one time. Google Meet now allows 100 +participants to join the meeting at one go. It also has a feature to record your meetings.

Record Online Meetings: How to Record Google Meet

You can use this feature only if your organization supports it.

If recording is enabled by an administrator or host, you can record video meetings to watch later. You can record if you’re the meeting organizer or has the authority same as organizer.

Google Meet Recordings are beneficial for:

  • Team presentations that you want to watch or share after online meetings.
  • Making training content available to students and new recruits
  • Conferences and occasions that people can’t physically attend but they can watch it online
  • Google Meet is one of the most popular apps for working professionals and individuals
  • Google Meet now allows 100+ participants to join the digital meeting.
  • It also has a feature where you can record your meetings.

Amongst the coronavirus pandemic and non-stop lockdowns, people around the world are depending on video conferencing apps such as Google Meet, Zoom and many more.

Video conferencing apps like Google Meet have gained immense popularity as they help people to stay connected to workplace, friends and family. People can also attend and record online meetings.

How to Record Google Meet as a participant

How to Record Google Meet

If you really want to record your Google Meet meetings, you need to download a 3rd party application known as “OBS”. On the contrary, you can also record the screen of your laptop or PC with other applications available on the internet, also you can use the default window application but it will not record the audio. So, the best option available to record google meet online meetings, you need to download obs application

Steps to “How to Record Google Meet meetings” without the admin’s permission:

1- Download OBS application from , now launch the application

2- Select the Google Meet application or the Google Chrome option in the source option

3- To check the preview, stretch your screen as per your needs

4- Click the start recording button, which is available under the control section

5- By clicking the same button which used to start, you can stop recording your google meet meeting

Note: Above are the steps on How to Record Google Meet as a participant without admin’s permission

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