how to edit videos on android

In this article, We’ll teach you how to edit videos on android, the best and easiest way.

You want to edit a video to upload it to YouTube or your favourite social media, But you have no idea how to edit And you dont have money to hire someone to do it for you?

Don’t worry Kinemaster got you covered.

What is Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is a free to use app available on Android (and IOS). Kinemaster is the simplest yet most useful video editing application you can find on Android. It has a variety of tools which can help you edit your videos like a professional. Kinemaster also provides monthly and annual premium subscription with which you can get access to some features, assets and export your videos without kinemaster watermark. Luckily, mod versions of kinemaster through which you can get access to all the premium features are available everywhere on the internet. Here is a download link to the latest version of kinemaster mod apk :

Editing with kinemaster (Step by step):

Before starting to edit, Picture what you want the output of the video to look like and find required videos or image that you want to add to your video.
If you are just going to do some basic edits these wont be necessary.

1. Creating a project

After you launch kinemaster, you will reach its main interface which is pretty simple.

How to edit videos on Android?
How to edit videos on Android?

To start a new project you have to tap on the biggest circle with the plus sign on it. And choose an aspect ratio for your video, The aspect ratio depends on the orientation of the video. If your video is landscape choose
16:9 and 9:16 for portrait videos. Also you can choose aspect ratio depending on where you are going to publish the video, 16:9 is best for Youtube, while 9:16 and 1:1 can be used for Instagram.
After you select an aspect ratio it will take you to the Media browser.

How to edit videos on Android?

You will see folders in your device containing all media files such as images and videos here. Find the video you want to edit and tap to select it, repeat this process if you want to add more than one video to edit. Then, tap on the check mark on the top-right corner to proceed.

2. Trimming

To trim your video, tap on the video to select it. Then you will see the two ends of the video become yellow

You can hold and move the yellow part, left or right to trim or extend the video.
To trim more precisely you can tap on the scissor icon on the left side of your screen, this will open the Trim/Split menu.

How to edit videos on Android?

Here you will have four options, Trim to left of playhead, Trim to right of playhead, Split at playhead and split and insert freeze frame. ( Playhead is the vertical line that you see on the middle of your screen).
Move the playhead by swiping left and right on the screen and position your playhead at the desired frame, now if you want to remove the part after the playhead (to the right of vertical line) tap Trim to right of playhead. Likewise you can remove the part before the playhead(to the left of vertical line) by tapping on Trim to left of playhead. You can use Spilt at playhead option to divide the video into two parts at the desired frame. The Split and Insert Freeze Frame option will also divide your video into two parts but in addition it will add an image of the frame where you split the video.
After trimming always make sure to play the video and check your progress.

3. Transition

To add Transition tap the plus(+) icon between two videos, This will open the transition menu.

Explore the menu and find your favourite transition type and tap on it, and choose the transition style.

How to edit videos on Android?

In this example, I have 3 styles to choose from. You can add more transition by tapping on get more if you have a mod version or premium subscription.
You can adjust the speed of transition from the speed dial below the video preview by swiping left or right. Speed between 0.5 to 2.0 recommended.

4. Layer

Layer is one of the most important section as it can be use very useful in editing. When you tap layer you will get variety of options like Media, Effect,Sticker,Text and Handwriting.

Media: By tapping the media option you can add any image or video from your phone, but as a layer which you can move freely and set animations.

How to edit videos on Android?

Effect: By tapping the effect option you can add effects to your video, Unfortunately free version of kinemaster only has blur. But you can download more on mod version.

Sticker: By tapping this you can add cool animation stickers to your video but unfortunately you will only get very basic sticker that aren’t that good in free version. You can get more on mod version.

Text: By tapping this option you can add texts to your video. You choose from a variety of fonts. You can also add animation to your text which makes it look more professional.

Handwriting: By tapping this option you can draw/doodle whatever you want. You can change pen type, colour, eraser from the menu on the right side of your screen.

5. Audio

Adding a good music or any audio is an important part of video editing. You can find audio option in main tool menu beside layer option.

How to edit videos on Android?

Once you tap on the audio option you can find all the audios in your device. Just find the audio you want to add and tap to select it, then tap the plus(+) icon to add it to the video.

6. Export

Once you are done editing check your progress one last time. If you are all set, tap on the Export symbol(icon with a square and an arrow) at the top-right corner.

It will take you to the export page where you can set the video frame rate, bite rate, and resolution.

How to edit videos on Android?

On the free version you can export your videos upto 720p, You can export at higher resolution if you have premium subscription or mod version. However the maximum resolution of the video depends on your device capability.
Best Device to Record and Edit videos

By default you can export your videos at 30 frame rate but you can export at 60 frame rate if you enable it in the settings.
You can choose a Bit rate between 12Mbps to 119Mbps. Higher bit rate gives better output, so it is recommended to set it generously.

After choosing your export settings you are free to Export. Once the export is done you can share the video to youtube and other social media.

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