How To Download Voter ID Card Online

How To Download Voter ID Card Online: The election commission of India had launched the e-EPIC facility on national voter’s day. Using this, anyone can download their digital voter ID card or e-Voter ID from mobile or computer. This great initiative was taken in August 2021.

What is Digital Voter ID?

How To Download Voter ID Card Online

Voter ID card is a document which determines your identity as an adult citizen of the country, and is basically used in casting one’s vote in municipal, state, and general elections.

It is issued by the Election Commission Of India (ECI), and is also known as Electoral Photo ID Card.

It can be used as as general identity, address verification, and age proof for other purposes such as buying a mobile phone SIM card or applying for a passport and so many other things.

Digital Voter ID or e-Voter ID is same as normal Voter ID card but it is downloaded and used for online or digital purpose. Sometimes we face difficulty when we need an urgent voter id card and we don’t have it. Moreover, it takes a lot of effort and time to get a new card after it is lost.

In that kind of situation, you have a great option. You can download the digital voter ID card if urgently needed. So many people have been asking “How To Download Voter ID Card Online” , Well, Now you can also download voter ID card within seconds.

How To Download Voter ID Card Online?

Here are some simple steps which will teach you “How To Download Voter ID Card Online”:

1- To download the digital voter ID card, first, visit the election commission of India’s official website

2- Now go to the login page of the Voter Service Portal (NVSP) (

3- Keep in mind that you need to have an account for this. If there is no account so you can create your account with a mail id and a mobile number.

4- After creating the account, you will be asked for some details here. Add these details and log in.

5- After logging in, you will get the option to download e-EPIC.

6- After you click on the download option, the PDF file of voter ID will be downloaded. 

These are 6 steps which answers all your questions about How To Download Voter ID Card Online.

What are the Benefits of e-Voter ID Cards?

As we already explained above, the Election Commission of India had launched the e-EPIC facility on National Voters’ Day 2021.

The benefit of digital voter ID card is that whenever you change the city or state you will not face the difficulty of making a new card every time. Since applying for a new physical voter ID card and receiving it quickly is next to impossible. However, You can download digital voter ID card instantly just by only changing the address.

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