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In this post, we’ll explain about health insurance, types of health insurance and how you can claim health insurance.

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers all your medical expenses that arise due to an illness or any unfortunate event or mishaps.

These expenses could be related to cost of medicines, hospitalization costs, or doctor consultation fees or illness etc. If you have a health insurance then you don’t have to worry about any of your medical expenses because you’re already covered by your health insurance.

Types of Health Insurance Worldwide

Basically, there are only two types of health insurance:

1- Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Critical Illness Insurance Plans cover explicit dangerous sicknesses. These infections could require delayed treatment or even change in way of life. Not at all like hospitalization plans, the payout is made on Critical Illness cover picked by the customer and not on real costs caused in the clinic.

The cover gives the adaptability to utilize the monies for changing way of life and meds. Additionally it’s a substitute for income for the time you were unable to continue work because of sickness or illness. Payout under these plans are made on the conclusion of the illness for which the first hospital expenses and bills are not needed.

2- Mediclaim Plans

Mediclaim or hospitalization plans are the most essential sort of health care coverage plans. They cover the expense of treatment when you are conceded to the emergency clinic or hospital.

The payout is made on genuine costs brought about in the clinic by submitting original bills. The greater part of these plans cover the whole family up to a specific cutoff.

How to find a good health insurance plan?

Anyone who has a health insurance coverage will reveal to you that getting one will be one of the sharpest financial choices by any earning person. Presently, that you have chosen to purchase a medical coverage policy, you need to realize how to choose a decent health insurance plan that will deal with every one of your necessities.

Here is a list of advantages any great health care coverage plan should offer you –

  1. Long policy term that covers you even in your old age
  2. Flexibility to choose your health cover
  3. Large hospital network for easy access to medical treatment
  4. Protection against a large number of critical illnesses
  5. No increase in premiums during the policy term even if your health condition changes

Top 5 health insurance companies

health insurance

These are 5 best health insurance companies worldwide:

1- UnitedHealth

A great health and well-being company, UnitedHealth Group’s main capabilities are clinical expertise, advanced technology, and data and health information.

2- Kaiser Foundation

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. operates as a non-profit healthcare organization. The organization offers allergy, audiology, cardiology, dermatology, oncology, occupational therapy, pain management, pediatric rehabilitation, and pharmacy services etc.

The company serves patients in the US and some other countries as well

3- Humana

Humana’s cultural foundation is aligned to helping members achieve their best health by providing personalized, simplified, whole-person healthcare experiences. Visit their site for more info.

4- CVS

CVS Health is a healthcare innovation company with a purpose to help people on their path to better health. Through its health services, plans, and community pharmacists, it pioneers a new approach to total health.

5- Cigna Health

Cigna Corporation is a global health service organization with more than 165 million customer and patient relationships in over 30 countries and jurisdictions.

Its insurance plans and products include healthcare insurance for individuals and families, dental insurance plans, Medicare plans. Please visit their site for more info.

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