curfew imposed in bhilwara

Curfew imposed in Bhilwara :

In the textile city Bhilwara today, without prior notification, the police and the administration forced curfew – shutting the market at 8 o’clock, the abrupt activity taken by the administration showed the voice of protest against it.

Curfew imposed in Bhilwara

The action was taken by the state government after a gathering held at the Chief Minister’s home before the end of last night on the outbreak of the second wave of Covid and expansion in the quantity of positive patients.

Curfew imposed in Bhilwara

While the corona virus is expanding rapidly and has no wish to end, the District Collector can impose curfew from his jurisdiction from 8:00 am to 6:00 am toward the beginning of the day, but today the police is planting agriculture at 8:00 pm without informing the people in the city.

The administration appealed to close their establishments by rolling out carts in the markets and announcing them.

curfew imposed in bhilwara

People on “Curfew Imposed in Bhilwara” – Against this shutdown, the administration should have informed the curfew 1 day before or in the morning, the sudden closure of the markets is not fair.

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