BGMI Season M2 Royale Pass

Recently, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was officially launched and Indian players can now download it by visiting Google Play Store. The game BGMI is only available for Android devices for now. There is no news about IOS release of the game.

The graphics in BGMI are similar to PUBG mobile but more optimized.

If you are a BGMI lover and want to purchase the BGMI Season M2 Royale Pass, then you can probably buy it and get so many exciting rewards including cool skins, one mythic outfit and so much more.

The expected date of Season RP 21 of BGMI is 14th august. and BGMI season 1 will start on August 12th. There will be a time of 48 hrs to start the new RP season.

For more information, Please click here to visit official website of BGMI

Furthermore, We’ll provide ya’ll some leaks about the rewards and events upcoming with BGMI Season M2 Royale Pass-

BGMI Season M2 Royale Pass Rewards: Rank 1 to Rank 20

BGMI Season M2 Royale Pass

Check out the table below to learn about BGMI Season M2 Royale Pass-

S.No…….. Description
Rank 1
In Rank 1 of BGMI Season M2, you will get an outfit called Marine Predator Set and a UZI skin.
Rank 5
At Rank 5, the Plureus will get a stunning outfit Marine Predator headgear.
Rank 10 As soon as the players reach the fifth lane of the BGMI Season M2, they will get a backpack skin called Lapis Barrier Backpack and the skin will be face orange
Rank 15 Players will get a Royal Pass avatar once they reach rank 15.
Rank 20 As soon as the players reach the 20th rank of BGMI Season M2, players will get a very cool new one named Marine Marauder Airplane
BGMI Season M2 Royale Pass – Know all rewards

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